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Medicinal Harvest Premium Medicinal Cannabis Flower Bud




Medicinal Harvest provides contract growing services to third parties seeking unique medicinal cannabis flower products, either from inhouse genetics or supplied genetics.


The facility is an indoor cultivation system with positive pressure air control, utilising high output LED light at 1000 uMol/s/m plus in the flowering compartments. Customised climate control solutions ensure high quality cannabinoid production and consistency of output. 


We use multi-tiered racking to maximise canopy space and improve efficiency.


The significant degree of control in the facility, combined with our experience in high technology greenhouse and sole source lighting facilities, enables the development and consistent supply of unique product profiles.

Sustainability is a key driver of Medicinal Harvest's cultivation practices.  

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At Medicinal Harvest, research and development occurs under commercial cultivation procedures, with the results of such work directly transferrable into commercial operations. In particular, LED lighting recipes can be efficiently evaluated and proven in not only flower bud weight but importantly cannabinoid content.


Research and development is conducted for international strategic partners for transfer to locations globally where medicinal cannabis cultivation occurs.

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