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Medicinal Harvest Indoor Cultivation of Medicinal Cannabis


Medicinal Harvest is a federally licenced cultivator of medicinal cannabis, located in Queensland, Australia. We specialise in the production of premium medicinal flower bud at our high-tech, indoor facility. As a contract grower, we work with wholesale customers to achieve the required product specification.


Our high level of technical sophistication, including quality control measures, results in a consistent product that is desirable to domestic and export markets.

The provenance of our Australian grown medicinal flower bud is valued by the entire supply chain. Medicinal Harvest uses sustainable production including the recycling of water and the use of solar power. In addition, no pesticides are applied and strict microbial standards are met.

Medicinal Harvest built its first facility in 2020/21 and began cultivation in June 2021. Due to the success of this facility, a second, co-located facility was constructed in 2023. Planning for stage three expansion has begun.

​Medicinal Harvest is 100 percent Australian owned and operated. The facility operates under a federal Cultivation and Production licence/permit issued by the Office of Drug Control (ODC).

Cultivating for Better 


Our mission is to responsibly produce medicinal cannabis flower bud with care and provenance, using smart technology to achieve flower bud consistency year-round. It is about continually striving to do things better, while contributing to a product that will ultimately be prescribed to make a patient’s life better.

Our Directors

Andrew Olley

Andrew Olley
Co-founder and Cultivation Director

Tracey Perez

Tracey Perez
Co-founder and Business Director

Andrew has a Bachelor of Agricultural Science Degree from the University of Queensland specialising in plant nutrition and protected cropping. He has 25 years’ experience in all aspects of plant nutrition, greenhouse and hydroponic production techniques for a multitude of crops. Consultancy services have been supplied to Australian and international clients, including the legal cannabis industry in Washington State.

Andrew is on the steering committee of the Australian Cannabis Cultivators Group, a sub-association of the Australian Medicinal Cannabis Association (AMCA).

Tracey has a has BA Honours degree in Economics from Macquarie University. She provided services at an executive level in product management and marketing to Australia’s largest telecommunications company as well as to the national futures trading exchange. She also has marketing experience in the agricultural industry.

Tracey is the member editor of AMCA Connect, the monthly newsletter of the Australian Medicinal Cannabis Association (AMCA).

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