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Medicinal Harvest Australian Grown Medicinal Cannabis

Australian Owned and Grown

Medicinal Cannabis

Medicinal Harvest

Premium Medicinal Flower Bud

Medicinal Harvest produces Australian grown medicinal cannabis flower bud with a focus on consistent, premium quality. 

As contract growers, we cultivate and process with care and sustainability, providing product provenance.

High-Tech Indoor Facility

We achieve full environmental control at our indoor facility. In fact, Medicinal Harvest uses smart technology throughout the entire cultivation and production cycle.

Our stage two facility is currently under construction. When fully planted it will triple output.

Medicinal Harvest
Medicinal Harvest Solar Farm

Sustainable Production

Sustainability is a key driver for Medicinal Harvest. Water is recycled from our growing system and the facility's atmosphere. An onsite solar farm provides 100 percent of our power during daylight hours.

Video Tour

Take a tour of the Medicinal Harvest facility while hearing about our use of Philips LED lighting.

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